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What is Polywood?
Polywood is an engineered, solid, and recyclable wood substitute. More information about Polywood can be found on our products page.

Can I have shutters installed on my door?
Yes, we can manufacture shutters for French doors and sliding glass doors. With French doors, the shutter is mounted directly onto the door itself. In the case of sliding glass doors, there are a couple of mounting options. One way is to mount the shutters on hinges so that they fold off to the side of the sliding glass door when opened. They can also be mounted on an overhead track and slide back and forth in a by-pass or a bi-fold type system.

Can I have shutters made for my arched windows?
Yes, Shutter Crafts can custom build a shutter to fit virtually any window opening. This includes arch tops, rake tops, triangles, octagons, circles, and trapezoids. We can also build a shutter to any design that you may have in mind. Visit our photo gallery for examples.

Do I have any options if I do not want a tilt rod to run down the center of the shutter?
Yes, along with the normal centered tilt rod, we also offer a hidden louver control rod. This option tends to offer greater visibility through the shutter, especially with very narrow shutters.

What paint and stain colors are available?
All of our paint and stain finishes are custom matched to the sample provided to us by the homeowner, for no extra charge.

How long will it take until my custom shutters are installed?
From the date that we receive the order confirmation, your custom interior shutters will take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for wood shutters and 4-5 weeks for Polywood® shutters.

Will I have to install the shutters myself?
No, we have trained employees who will install the shutters in your home. Local installations are provided free of charge, whereas out-of-town installations are subject to an installation fee and trip charge.

How do I clean my plantation shutters?
Plantation shutters can be cleaned by using a slightly damp cloth. Simply open up the shutter and wipe the louvers from the backside. There are no special cleaning products or tools needed.

Why should I order my plantation shutters from Shutter Crafts?
Shutter Crafts has been in the business of manufacturing and installing custom interior shutters for over 27 years. We have the knowledge and experience needed to create fabulous looking plantation shutters that will beautify your home and last a lifetime.